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Self-help organization

We are a self-help organization for the blind and partially sighted. Being personally acquainted with the difficulties of this disability, we can use our experience to form the basis for our group activities. Our aim is to help those concerned to be able to come to terms with their impairment by making life as easy as possible. Bearing this in mind, we arrange the various events according to their personal wishes.

We advise on and inform about:

Our activities are financed by the regional government as well as by donations. Please, help us too! Thank you.

Dieter Wolter

Tel.: +(43)-0-5572/58221
Fax: +(43)-0-5572/200321-23

You can take part in or have information about:


Holidays in Ingruene

For more than 40 years our recreation centre has been a popular place for the blind and partially sighted to spend their holidays. Big events and celebrations take place in our modernly furnished hall. Ingruene is open for excursions and guided tours with opportunities for tasting sessions.

Arnold Berger
Club office and Holiday Centre

Tel.: +(43)-0-05572/58221-37
Fax: +(43)-0-05572/58221-33

We organize home visits

Early Intervention

We support and counsel children who are blind, partially blind or who have a multiple disability and their families. Should any eye impairment or blindness be suspected or diagnosed in a baby, you can contact us even in the first weeks after birth. Our work is done in the child's own environment home. Early pedagogical support cannot remove any eye disability but the child can be given visual experiences which can be related to his/her specific actions.

We offer:

Jasmin Maccani
Chief adviser

Tel.: +(43)-0-5572/200321-30
Fax: +(43)-0-5572/200321-23

Rehabilitation Centre for Outpatients

Blindness or any kind of visual disability restricts the possible independent movements of the person concerned to a great extent. In the same way, the various actions performed when keeping house, cooking, eating, reading and writing can cause difficulties.

Services we offer:

Raphael Bechter
Person in charge

Tel.: +(43)-0-5572/200321-41
Fax: +(43)-0-5572/200321-23

We offer advice on aids and appliances

Selected aids

Electronic aids


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